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To easily understand how all web pages look, just look at the diagram in the center of the screen-shot below.  The screen-shot is actually the CMS menu which has, at its center, a page layout. This reminds you where the changes you want to make are located.  By the way, CMS stands for Content Management System.  The CMS is where you build and maintain your site.  As you can see from the screen shot it consists of icons surrounding a diagram of the web page.  It shows the headers, the menus and the main body of the page as well as the site map at the bottom.  Don't worry, you don't have to memorize the layout because this menu is always available on the CMS.

Just get a rough idea layout above. By varying the size of the different areas on the page you can create a website with almost any look imaginable.

At the top of the CMS pages are navigation links. Just click on them to jump quickly to the submit button at the bottom of the page or the menu at the top of the page. When you are ready for more details just
click here.  

Below are some of the Website's Features.  It is a good idea to take a moment to read this over so that you can get the most out of your website.

Pick your colors. In these three examples you can see that the colors were chosen as dark green for the dark text and light tan for the light text. Notice that the text backgrounds automatically change to the contrasting color to provide nice coordination.
Add your logo. The tops of all three examples include a header that has been made up as a graphic and uploaded to the page. The third example uses a Flash type header. You may use this advanced feature through the CMS for Flash uploads.
Set up your menus. In all three examples a left side menu was chosen from the form. This is the most common type of navigation but the right side menu may have many applications.

Mouse over the buttons to open the links that will be used to set up the "look and feel" of your site. This includes picking your color scheme, page size, top and side menu items. You also set up your photo album, mailing list with its customer data base and if you want to have an MP3 music selection menu (mainly used for bands).

Work on the Web Site's Content
Add the content to your pages. Here the About page is shown with lots of content that the search engines will pick up on.

Some menu items are links to the editor where you will add text or pictures to your pages such as the About page shown above. If you are selling something on your site you can show the products and prices and make changes as necessary.

Work on the Web Site's Header, Background Wallpaper and Music

Set up top header. This may be a scanned in business card or a professionally made graphic.

The menu items are actually text (so that the search engines optimize your site).

Set up your background. In this case the checkerboard of colors is a small image. The background image automatically gets repeated. Unless you want the background wall paper to stand out it should be made up with very low contrast, This will prevent it from taking away from main theme of the website pages.

Keep in mind that if you do not want a background image, or wall paper as it is called, just select a background color of your choice from the color setup menu.

Set up MP3 music. MP3 music may be added in any one of four places. Having an MP3 player allows you to let visitors hear your pre recorded music in full fidelity. This feature is used by bands wishing to demonstrate their music.

You can upload the top header picture like the ones shown and you can upload a background image that appears around the edge of you site. You can also upload your favorite MIDI file so that you site plays background music when ever someone visits your site.

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