Total "Optimization" of your site

Aside from our Link, Keywords and Metatag management features we get search engine "credit" for everything on your site!  Graphics, pretty graphic buttons, Flash and other "fluff and frill" do nothing to give you high marks with the search engines.  We use text in the top menu, side menus, site map and content on EVERY page.  We follow the leaders like and  They make it work.  You will make it work.

Here are some FREE submission sites that will help your site optimize.  Each one has some features that are useful, although there is some duplication from site to site.  We STRONGLY encourage you to use these sites to boost your traffic.  You may find it advantagous to sign up for the member services on the ones that you find most useful.  The cost is usually nominal and it could go a long way toward promoting your site. 

Promoting your site is the key to your Internet success!

1- Try Scrub-the-Web

2 - This one and shows search engine ranking.

3 - We encourage you to visit this link and submit your site.

4 - Go to the link that says: "Free Website URL Submission to Search Engines" on this link to get started.Search Engine Submission & Optimization

5 - This site optimizes sites as well as publishes a great news letter on the subject of optimization.  Check them out and be sure to click on the link "Newsletter" and subscribe to it, it's FREE and very helpful.

Entireweb Express Inclusion
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